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ILImmigrant Limited was originally open in 2005. I was the one and only employee of the company besides its former director. In 2007 Immigration Licensing Act saw the world. Every immigration adviser was required to apply for a licence. I applied for my immigration licence in 2008. My licence application was approved in just a few weeks. A few months later I purchased the business and became a director and an immigration adviser of my own immigration agency. The new entity was registered under the name of Immigrant 2009 Limited, but I still own the name and trade as Immigrant Limited.

The Director

Dmitry Piven, Immigration Licence 200900413

Dmitry Piven IAA Licence 200900413

As for my history of immigration business, it dates back to 1996. I was a travel agent and had a thorough knowledge of visa policies of so called "difficult" countries, such as New Zealand, Australia, the United States and a few others. Knowledge of immigration policies allowed me helping people not only with visitor visas, but with work and residence visas as well. By the time we moved to New Zealand in 2005, my first clients had already become New Zealand Citizens.

Interesting fact from my own visa history. My 2005 work visa application was for the position of immigration/visa consultant... someone from Eastern Siberia applies for a visa to be a New Zealand Immigration adviser... It was a long 6 months communication with Immigration New Zealand before my work visa was finally approved. That was my highest achievement then. And this is how I learned about all possible checks that Immigration New Zealand may undertake while considering visa applications. Welcome to Immigrant Limited!

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