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The decision to migrate is not an easy one: and is probably the most important decision you will ever make. Immigration policies change regularly and suddenly. Many people fail to get Residency (when they should get it) due to a lack of knowledge about Immigration laws and procedures.
For this reason, it is vital to obtain expert professional advice, such as Immigrant Limited has been giving for over ten years now. We can assist in finding the right category to ensure your successful New Zealand immigration. Our clients are not numbers; they are people from all walks of life and different lifestyles.

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Dmitry Piven, Director & Licensed Immigration Adviser.

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From Aspiration to Reality or how to migrate

Do you need help with the visa application or full legal support for your migration to New Zealand? Immigration process is very similar to any project when you need a good detailed & logical plan to follow. We analyze your resources and develop a clear and realistic personal plan of your migration to New Zealand.
With us you can rest assured we choose appropriate study programme or your business plan follows all New Zealand Immigration requirements. If you apply for a work visa with us, we take care not only of you, but of your potential employer's documents as well. Immigration to New Zealand with us is a clear open book for you.

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If you prefer working with us to wandering countless pages of immigration documents, we promise you will not be studying immigration instructions. You will not be responding to immigration questions alone. Our support covers consultations on all your documents, preparing applications, cover letters and all negotiations with Immigration New Zealand while your application is being considered.
We have enough experience and knowledge to say that we can provide full spectrum of visa application services. Starting from a visitor visa all the way to residence, including Work, Investor & Business. Appeals and Tribunal cases are also part of our portfolio

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Student Spotlight

Madina & David

Finding a good immigration lawyer is so important to help with the immigration process. We were very lucky to find Dmitry. He guided us through every step of the way. He has a great understanding of the procedures required and we felt very supported and confident with his work. We both highly recommend Dmitry.
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Immigrant Ltd Team

Our team has education and marketing consultants, realestate agents, translators (if needed), mechanics, doctors... you name it. Moving to another country is a very exiting process. However, it can be stressful and tiring at times. We pride ourselves for being able to assist not only with visas, but with other issues that relocation process may throw at you.

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