1. Do you guarantee to get me a job?
2. What countries are you focused on?
3. What skills are you looking for?
4. What guarantees do you offer?
5. How long will an employer wait for me to take up my job?
6. Can you give me an idea of the salary range I may expect given my qualifications?
7. Do you concentrate on one employer or do you arrange several job offers in parallel?
8. What is the procedure of getting a work permit once I have accepted a job offer?
9. Do I have the choice to decline a job you offer to me?
10. What will be the expenses for getting a work permit?
11. How will you help me get a work permit?
12. Do employers help with relocation costs?
13. What sort of Medical Plans are in New Zealand and how do they work?
14. How does the New Zealand schooling system work?
15. My spouse and I both want to get a job in New Zealand.
16. We have the necessary points to apply for residency?
17. What is the average time scale from commencing with your services to moving to New Zealand?
18. Which part of New Zealand do you usually get job offers from applicants or where would I most likely be able to get a job offer?
19. Can I apply for permanent residency with the job offer that you provide instead of coming initially to New Zealand on a Work Permit?
20. How can you ensure confidentiality?
21. Are you an Immigration Agent?
22. Why do you insist on a fee for job placement service?
23. How do I know you will be successful in finding me a job?
24. What do I have to do?
25. What success have you had so far?

Do you guarantee to get me a job in New Zealand?
We cannot guarantee anyone a job in New Zealand. If you have transferable skills that are in demand in New Zealand and are on the skills shortage list, then your chances of getting a job are very good. If your job is not on the current shortage list, we can often still find you a position if there is not a New Zealander available to fill the position. This is done through labour market testing by the employer. Some occupations are easier to place than others. In some cases, the availability of positions that suit your profile will only be clear once you have engaged our services and our Employment Managers start working on your file.

What countries are you focused on?
All countries.

What skills are you looking for? We work with all skills, education and experience. Our team has helped people to secure good jobs across a wide range of occupations in New Zealand.