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The right to MIGRATE to another country is a prize sought after by many people as they seek to find a better life for themselves and their partners and families.
For many reasons, economic, global situation, better life style, a country that is more attune to a wider divergence of alternative Life Styles and has a greater tolerance for citizens who wish to have divergent partnerships that have the full recognition of the law and is accepted by the population as a whole is being pursued by more and more people. Accordingly the immigration rules of countries with active immigration policies such as New Zealand are becoming more restrictive and complex, with the result that migration to those countries is becoming more difficult.

The decision to migrate is not an easy one and is probably the most important decision you will ever make. Immigration policies change regularly and suddenly. Many people fail to get Residency (when they should get it) because of the lack of knowledge of Immigration laws and procedures.

For this reason only it is vital to obtain expert professional advice such as Immigrant Limited has been giving for over ten years now, we can assist to find the right category to ensure a successful Application.

We offer a free initial assessment of your chances to obtain a Visa and if our advice is what you want we then offer you our professional services and full assistance during and after the Immigration Application.

Our clients are not numbers; they are people from all walks of life and all different life styles.

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